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✔️ GROWN IN THE USA - We are a proud family owned and operated small business where we grow and hand pick each Lions Mane Mushroom ensuring the highest quality. Based out of Texas we take pride in offering the best dried Lions Mane Mushrooms
Blended/Ground- We offer a blended option that makes it easy to use for teas, smooths, or added to other blends

🧠 Improve Mental Clarity, Focus, and Memory - Lions Mane mushrooms contain a unique compound called triterpenoids that promote nerve growth factor in the brain. It has shown to help individuals that struggle with memory and cognitive skills making it a great nootropic

👍Immune Booster- this mushroom supplement has been used for thousands of years and is one of the most researched mushroom in the world. Containing important polysaccharide such as beta glucans to give your immune system the boost it

We dehydrator our lions mane at no more 105 degrees to ensure the beneficial compounds are not damaged by excess heat that other commercial dehydrators will use

Dried Lions Mane Mushroom

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