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TryNatureToo is family owned and operated by Thayer Barkley and her three sons, Michael, Marcus and Matthew Barkley.

We created TryNatureToo from our passion to use natural materials wherever and whenever possible derived from our Native American Ancestry.  We are a combination of the Blackfoot and Cherokee Tribes.

As society has steered away from nature and natural products, we found that there is a need to reintroduce some methods that our ancestors used to survive while respecting the environment.    Our aim is to carry the highest quality of any product that we carry.

You will find items like rocks and gems, dreamcatchers, traditional one of a kind Native American Smudge Kits, Pine Needle baskets, handmade soaps, and skincare, and our newest item is the reusable “Hemp Mask”.

We are forever growing, so please check back to see what new items we will be adding.

Thank you for visiting us and for purchasing our products.  We look forward to learning from one another.


TryNatureToo Members:

Thayer Barkley - President
Michael Barkley – Director of Marketing and Quality Assurance
Marcus Barkley – Director of Media and Communication
Matthew Barkley – Director of Product Development and Finance

Mountians and Lake
River Valley
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