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  • Are the masks washable and reusable?
    Yes, it is best to hand wash them with a mild soap and hang dry
  • There is a pocket in my mask, what is it used for?"
    The mask was designed to add a filter, or a piece of cotton where you can apply 100% Essential Oils (be careful of the oils that you use, since they are so close to your face and skin)
  • Do you make masks with designs?
    Try Nature Too chooses to not compromise the fabric, so to date, we do not add designs.
  • What happens when the Pipe Cleaner becomes bent out of shape?
    The Pipe Cleaner was made to removal as a tool for comfort and to shape the bridge of the nose. You can always insert a new Pipe Cleaner in the slot when it becomes too bent out of shape.
  • Do you have wholesale accounts?
    We offer Wholesale on all of our CBD Products. We currently offer the most reasonable cost on our masks, but we would be open for discussion depending on the quantity..
  • Does Hemp/CBD products contain THC?
  • I am constantly drug tested, is Hemp a Narcotic?"
    No, it contains 0.00% THC and is Non-Psychoactive.
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