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Handmade in US


Young people need to wear masks. It is not safe for our youth to be in public areas without appropriate protection. Not every person is taking the appropriate measures to minimize the spread of infection. During these times, people are sneezing and constantly touching public surfaces carelessly.


These airborne particles from COVID-19 and other illnesses end up clinging to their clothes and skin. As a result all kind of harmful particles find their way home to your family. 


It is important to minimize exposure and have the highest quality protection when they do have to expose themselves in public. Trynaturetoo has designed a premium hemp/silk mask which will assist in resisting airborne particles from finding their way easily into their mouth and nose.

We chose Hemp because it is antimicrobial and antiviral. Hemp naturally kills microorganisms and viruses as well as prevents their growth. Unlike other masks which merely keep the virus on the surface as you go from place to place, our mask made with hemp has the ability to be resistant to microorganisms so the virus cannot make it self comfortable on their face.


In addition, Hemp has UV light protection. 


The benefits of Hemp do not end there.

While wearing the mask they will notice how fluid it is to breathe in and out.


Did you know Hemp retains color better than any other fabric? This mask is engineered to be washed and reused so that the color does not fade.


To further attest to it’s durability, Hemp has four times the strength of cotton and it won’t weaken when it is washed. Most reusable masks on the market will tatter and shrink with prolonged use whereas a natural hemp mask will not.


For added benefit and protection the mask is also made with fine silk. Silk in it’s essence has extremely strong antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant properties.


As a result of the natural qualities of these two fabrics, we decided to take advantage of both by blending them into one mask.


Due to silk’s intrinsic hypoallergenic qualities, it will increase protection from dust mites also help a range of allergies stemming from mold, fungi and mildew, etc. Our Hemp and silk mask will not only keep you safe but your skin will love it. The natural amino acids found in silk can also help delay wrinkles.


Our young people will find themselves enjoying each breath knowing they are safer, in style and comfortable. The mask sits on their face so comfortably they may even forget it is there.


No need to keep buying masks you have to throw away often made from unnatural material.

Get them a hemp and silk mask today and know you took the natural measures available to enhance protection and assist them.


Comes with 100% Organic Cotton carrying pouch that is washable


Disclaimer: The mask intends to take advantage of the natural properties found in hemp and silk. It is not thoroughly researched to what degree the natural properties of hemp and silk are retained when created to be a wearable fabric. Trynaturetoo cannot guarantee the masks alone as protection from viruses and airborne particles.


Overall sanitation hygiene as well as minimizing exposure in public spaces contributes to the effectiveness of the masks. The masks are intended as an additional aid and not an all in one solution to airborne particles.


Care Instructions:

Hand wash with mild soap in lukewarm water. Hang to dry.  



Due to the personal nature of the mask, they are non refundable. 

Masks which are defected can be exchanged. Buyers are responsible for the shipping.


If you are an international customer, shipping is $17 and subject to change depending on location.

Youth Try Nature Too Hemp/Silk Mask

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